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Transition Consultant & Broker

The decision to sell a practice you have built over the years is one of the most important of your professional career. The same is true when you are contemplating the purchase of a practice. Both can have a huge impact on how you spend the rest of your life, whether your work is rewarding and productive and your post-practice years comfortable and satisfying.

Regardless of when you buy or sell, the transaction must be a carefully planned event managed with professionalism and expertise. You cannot afford to "wing it." You, your patients, your staff and your family are all affected by the process and results.

Seeking the help of an experienced dental practice broker to connect buyers and sellers, appraise the practice, advise the financial process, and consult on the final details falls into that category of, again, important decisions of your career.

2018 Events Preview

Portland Midwinter Practice Transition Seminar
MAC Club
Friday, January 26, 2018

Seattle Midwinter Practice Transition Seminar
Bellevue Club
Friday, February 2, 2018

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